Meadow Spring Church has chosen to bless a family through Best Christmas Ever.

How does this work at Meadow?

The Meadow Missions Team is directing the event, so if you have questions, email! Visit the BCE website if you are interested learning more about the organization

Nominations are open now and can be submitted to BCE by community members including our Meadow family. See . The nominations all go through BCE and we as a church are helping spread the word about these nominations.

A family that would qualify to receive BCE: 1) Has been nominated by someone else (you may not nominate yourself); 2) Has children under the age of 18 living in the home; 3) Has fallen on hard times through no-fault of their own (fire at their home, parent has a terminal illness, etc.).

Meadow Missions will pick a family from the BCE website. The family we choose won’t necessarily be from Meadow Spring or have been nominated by someone at our church.

Once a family has been selected, as a church we will: 1) Purchase 10 or so gifts for each family member. Note that the BCE gifts are a surprise to the family. The nominator, our link to the family, will help us create gift lists for each family member. For each gift, there will be a tag placed on the Christmas tree in the lobby. Participants from Meadow will grab these and purchase the specific gifts listed, then bring these to church in boxes, unwrapped, with the tag from the Christmas tree attached to them. Gifts should be laid under the BCE Christmas tree. 2) Raise $5000-10000 for a life-changing monetary gift through the BCE Kindful app. The money goes to BCE and they distribute it directly to vendors of goods or services that the family needs. Examples of ways it may be used: bringing their mortgage current, a family trip with a dying parent, food or gas cards, medical bills or to help purchase a vehicle. 3) Have a wrapping party to wrap the gifts for the family, learn more about the family that we are blessing, and fellowship with some cookies and hot cocoa. 4) Deliver gifts to the family between Dec. 17th and 23rd.