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We are already two-thirds of the way through the summer of 2023 here at Meadow and as I look ahead at the next few months, I am totally PUMPED with all that will be happening! But before I share all of that…

Litigation Update … For those who are wondering what this is all about … Approximately a year and a half ago, the city of Chaska took our parking lot via eminent domain action. What was a private parking lot which was used only for Meadow Spring attenders is now a public lot. Due to this, we are and will experience less parking available for those coming to Meadow for services and events. When the city paid us for the parking lot, there was no consideration given to the diminished value of our building due to the loss of a parking lot. The litigation will determine the financial loss which should be awarded to us as a result of losing our parking lot.

We are currently in the process of assembling our reports and opinions to be presented to the city of Chaska and court. The city of Chaska is doing the same. The next step is for both sides to exchange reports and opinions. This is called the “Discovery” phase. As each side reviews the reports and opinions of the other side, there may be depositions of various experts leading up to a jury trial.

Sale of our Building … Because of the loss of our parking lot, the viability of our ministry is at stake. We want to grow and with growth comes people who drive cars. These cars need parking. Bottom line, without a dedicated parking lot, our growth is threatened. One church growth expert has even said our ministry will fail. So we have set our sights on moving our ministry location. This could happen one of two ways … 1) buying land and building from the ground up; or 2) finding an existing building with parking and room to grow then purchase that building and remodeling it. What this means is we need to put our building on the market and use the proceeds from the sale of our building and the award from the litigation to finance a new location.

We currently have a buyer and have agreed and signed a purchase agreement. However (and this is where it gets a bit complicated), there are some contingencies which cannot be satisfied until the litigation is finalized. So no sale will take place until the litigation is over. Therefore, there is an indefinite hold on the purchase agreement. I have a meeting this week with our broker and the buyer to discuss this situation.

Now, as you can correctly assume, there is more to all of this but this is the 60 second version and explanation. If you have questions, ask.

Attendance … Summer is always a challenge when it comes to attendance as many are on vacation, camping, sports program commitments, etc. However, attendance at Meadow has been strong for the summer. In fact, the weekend of July 4th is traditionally a low attended Sunday, but it was one of the highest attended Sundays we’ve had.

Giving … while attendance has been strong, giving has not. Unfortunately, we have fallen below what is needed to meet budget. I challenge you to be faithful in your tithe. If you have not been giving, I ask you to start. Not only will you help us advance God’s grace and mercy locally and globally, but you, personally, will begin to experience a new refreshing level of joy.

New Website is live. There are still a couple tweaks we need to do with it. One if we are in process of getting it certified. So when you go to it, you will get a message saying it is not secure. It is secure and as soon as we get our SSL certificate, you will not get the message.

New App is live. We have redesigned the app to be much more user friendly. Go ahead and download it at https://subsplash.com/meadowspringchurch/app

Now…let me share what’s the next few months look like at Meadow. I am so totally PUMPED about this! (Did I already say that?!)

August 1: Nathan Tournear joins our ministry as our new Worship Pastor! His first Sunday leading worship will be August 6. Nathan is leaving his ministry at Family of Christ Church as the Director of Contemporary Worshp. He has an incredible vision, voice, heart, and skill for reaching people for Jesus and leading us in refreshing and deep worship.

August 13: Our Lake Baptism. After the morning service, we will head over to Fireman’s Park where we will celebrate with several people who are publicly declaring their faith and relationship with Jesus! I love our lake baptisms! And this year will be nothing but AWESOME! If you are interested in being baptized along with the others, just let me know!

August 20: Jody Hessen and Char Johnson will be sharing all about their recent mission trip to Uganda with Pete Young, the missionary pilot we support.

September 3: “Messy Church”. This is going to be a totally out-of-the-box service as our kids will be helping with greeting, ushering, singing and who knows what else! There will be a special message and we are designing this service to be interactive with adults and kids!

September 9: Men’s Breakfast is starting up again with Jay Carrrol, a former Minnesota Viking, coming to share about his faith.

September 10: Fall Kick-off with MeadowKIDS Promotion, a new series I will be starting on friends and friendship, AND that night, we will have an all-worship service led by our new worship pastor Nathan Tournear! This is going to be off-the-chart incredibly refreshing. Make sure you are here and inviting friends and family to come with you!

September 11-15: Small Groups Kick-off! As of right now, we have five groups happening throughout the week! There will be groups in Chaska, Carver, and Shakopee. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for all the sign-up details.

October 1: Our 25th Anniversary Celebration Sunday! That’s right, Meadow Spring had it’s beginning 25 years ago and we are going to celebrate God’s faithfulness and goodness! I am looking for people to help plan this out. If you are interested, let me know!

October 8: “At the Movies” is a teaching series I will be starting where we will use some of today’s popular movies to help us focus on growing our faith. This is a great series to do everything possible to invite as many people as you can to come! Also…I am looking for people to help plan out how we can make this series extra special, fun, and refreshing. If you are interested, let me know!

There’s More! … We (staff) are also planning various kids events, teen events, and parent gatherings. We don’t have dates or details on any of that yet but stay tuned!

Okay…I think I’ve about dumped enough from my mind! LOL!

If you have questions about anything here or maybe something I haven’t mentioned, please email me at john@meadowspring.org. It would be a privilege to chat with you about Meadow!

It is such a privilege and honor to lead this church and be part of a refreshing difference!
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Kathi Gochal - July 24th, 2023 at 10:54am

I just wanted to thank you for the "mine dump". It was very informative. I enjoy reading when you send them out. God Bless






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